Habitat Faithful


The Morris Habitat Faithful Team was created as a result of dedicated volunteers who consistently came out to the worksites to build with our families and share their technical expertise.

Every Friday, our construction staff would see the same faces over and over— hence the nickname the “Friday Faithful”. But as time passed, we not only saw these volunteers on Fridays but on many other days of the week as well. Because of this, their name was changed to the Habitat Faithful!

LawrieThese volunteers do many of the technical tasks needed at the construction builds and help to train other volunteers in small groups. They bring skills, advice, and friendship as well as leadership to our home building projects. In one typical year, they helped build 5 single family homes, 1 duplex, participated in 4 home repairs, and 11 deconstructions. Many have also attended Occupations Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) training, siding training and participated in the first ever Morris Habitat Blitz build (where a house was built in just 19 hours!).

Hours are flexible and no special skills are required; you will learn on the job. Of course, the more often you come, the more you will learn! Morris Habitat is a place where “people come together, letting their hearts tell their hands what to do.”

Please email stephanie.buonarota@morrishabitat.org for more information.