On ten days in July, August, October and December, 2017, women in Morris County are invited to volunteer to build two homes on Harding Avenue in Dover and two homes on Wallman Way in Mt. Olive. Women Build brings women together from all walks of life to learn construction skills and to advocate for affordable housing and safer, stronger communities.

Women Build dates:

  • Friday, July 14
  • Saturday, July 15
  • Monday, August 7
  • Tuesday, August 8
  • Wednesday, August 9
  • Thursday, August 10
  • Friday, August 11
  • Saturday, August 12
  • Saturday, October 7
  • Saturday, December 2

To volunteer for one or more Women Build Days in August, go to our online Volunteer Calendar. On the Volunteer Opportunities calendar page, click on one of the Women Build Days in the column headed “Wallman-Budd Lake” to sign up on the desired day when you would like to build.