Thanks for coming to our Annual Meeting & Volunteer Recognition Reception on Sunday, January 28, 2018, at St Catherine of Siena in Mountain Lakes. After socializing and light refreshments, we celebrated our accomplishments in 2017, which expanded our impact in the greater Morris County area.

In 2017, we pushed harder than ever. We built, we repaired and we restored, powered by you — our supporters across the region. Morris Habitat built or renovated 44 homes and closed on 12 mortgages. We preserved 32 homes through our home repair program, and we completed our largest single project to date: 10 condominiums in Morristown. We expect 2018 to be just as busy, exciting and productive.

You helped us recognize some of our many invaluable volunteers and partners who have gone above and beyond to ensure our success.


Charles Lee Hamilton Tribute Award:
Selfless Actions Demonstrating Passion and Love
John Stromberg

Distinguished Partner Award:
Leadership/Ownership in a Certain Area

Karen Kollins
Tucker Glavin
Mary Alice Hanzo
Therese Patterson
Robbie Epstein
Brian Bogdan

ReStore Pioneer Award:
Extraordinary Commitment to the ReStore’s Success
Park Union Lumber

Perseverance Partner Award:
Return through Thick and Thin

Sandra Laurenzi
Roy Morance
Barbara Kaufman
Bonnie King
Ron Clark

Community Partner Award:
Businesses and Organizations Which Go

Above and Beyond
Barbara Dunn – Paterson HFH Executive Director
Mike Furda – HUD Environmental Protection Specialist

Employee of the Year
Ann Keefer – ReStore Donations Assistant