The Habitat Deconstruction Program salvages useable building materials from residential homes. The donated materials are sold in the ReStore to raise funds for Morris Habitat homes or reused in a Morris Habitat Home Repair Project. Download our Deconstruction FAQ, call 973-891-1934, or contact Spencer Reckford at for a quote.

Habitat Deconstruction Services

  • Kitchen Removal: For a flat fee, trained staff and volunteers carefully remove and haul away kitchen cabinetry and appliances, cap electrical wires, and clear away debris, leaving the kitchen ready for renovation.
  • Strip Outs: Staff and volunteers quickly remove structurally-sound building materials from homes slated for demolition. Materials removed might include hardwood floors, doors, cabinetry, lighting, lumber, plumbing, hardware and architectural elements. This service is provided for a flat fee.

Deconstruct: 5 easy steps!

  1. Potential applicants should read the Deconstruction FAQ.
  2. Fill out the intake form online or email for an application.
  3. Once the application is received and reviewed, The Deconstruction Program Coordinator will inspect the home to assess the project requirements and technical elements of the deconstruction.
  4. The applicant’s information and deconstruction needs will be evaluated for qualification for the deconstruction program by the Director of the Restore and the Deconstruction Program Coordinator. A project acceptance or decline letter/email will be sent within 1-2 business days.
  5. Once funding is secured for eligible projects, a contract will be signed and the deconstruction will be scheduled.


To find out if your home qualifies, or to obtain an application contact Spencer Reckford at 973-891-1934, or by emailing: