Morris Habitat homeowner Estefany

Invest in the future of families like Estefany’s by becoming a HopeBuilder.
  Your monthly donation will give even more families
a “safe place” in any storm.

Morris Habitat is proud to have built 120 local homes since 1985. We are even prouder to have another 120 homes in the pipeline to begin over the next four years. The plans, construction team, and volunteers are ready to go… but we need your partnership.

HopeBuilders is a group of exceptional donors who truly believe everyone deserves a decent place to live. Their steady contributions enable us to help more families attain a safe place to shelter, grow and learn.

Please join HopeBuilders by setting up a recurring, monthly donation. Fitting a gift into your monthly budget will allow us to meet the growing needs of our community. Your support will help Morris Habitat  – and the families we serve— face whatever challenges the future may bring. Thank you!