Andrade family


Life in the United States hasn’t been easy for the Andrade family.

Ran and his wife, Gladis, came from Guatemala legally seventeen years ago for the promise of a better life for their children in the United States. Ran works fifteen hours a day at two cleaning and maintenance jobs, while Gladis cares for their two school-aged children. Ten-year-old Kevin has an autoimmune disorder, which can lead to excessive bleeding and requires his mother’s watchful eye at home.

Since coming to America, the Andrades have tried to save for a place of their own, but the combination of low wages paid by Ran’s employers and Kevin’s medical needs have kept them in abysmal living conditions. The family crams into a single bedroom in an old, moldy four-room apartment in Morristown, which they share with three other families and a host of cockroaches, rats and bed bugs. There’s no privacy, and they’re forced to plan kitchen and bathroom usage around the other boarders’ schedules.

Their dreams will come true in a new home.

Andrade children

Amanda Brown/For Morris Habitat for Humanity

But all this is changing now for the Andrades. Together with generous donors like you, we will make Ran’s dream for his family come true. Early next year, the Andrades will be in their brand new home on Willow Street in Morristown.

Finally, ten-year-old Jocelyn will be able to play without the worry of strange boarders being around. Kevin will have access to a clean, private bathroom any time he needs it. And Ran and Gladis will get to enjoy their own private bedroom for the first time since becoming parents.

The one wish Ran has had for his family since coming to America will finally come true this holiday season. They will have a safe, healthy place to call home. Their home will be full of love, laughter and family. A kitchen will be all their own, with the scent of holiday baking filling the air. In this home, his children will run and play freely. And, most sobering of all, their new home will have a bathroom that is always available to his ailing son when he is sick.

Please add your support.

At Morris Habitat for Humanity, this is the work we do – but only with you and your support. We give the gift of home by building and rehabilitating houses in partnership with families in need. The homes are affordable because there is no profit included in the sale price, and no interest is charged on the mortgage.

You can help another deserving Morris County family like the Andrades with a tax-deductible donation this holiday season. Please be as generous as you can.

Together, we are changing lives for life.