Mariell and Amy Guridy


For 10 years, Mariell Guridy and her daughter Amy have lived in cramped quarters, including a basement apartment where they shared a room and a bed.

But this holiday season will be different. Mariell and Amy will move into a home of their own at 119 Main Street in Succasunna with the help of Morris Habitat for Humanity and you!

Lives of hardship and struggle.

The holiday season marks a time of reflection and gratitude for many of us. As you find comfort in your own blessings, imagine if you or a loved one were facing one of these challenging circumstances every day:

Stacey Goods describing the neighborhood where she and her family lived: “I’m raising four boys in a neighborhood where gangs and gunfire are commonplace. Just this past April, there were two shootings on the very same block we call home. On any given day, at any given time, you can hear gun shots, as if that’s normal.”

Ran Andrade describing his previous living conditions: “My family of four crams into a single bedroom in an old, moldy four-room apartment, which we share with three other families and a host of cockroaches, rats and bed bugs. There’s no privacy, and we’re forced to plan kitchen and bathroom usage around each boarder’s schedule.”

David Gavasheli sharing his story: “Five armed guys came to our house with machine guns, hit me on the forehead, and they took everything. I had no money to buy milk for my 10-month-old son.” The next day, David and his family fled their homeland to Haifa, Israel, where they would live for a decade. But, again, they lived amidst escalating violence in the tumultuous Middle East. A bus was bombed near their home. Gunfire pierced the night. “I was really afraid for my children.”

Morris Habitat homeowners at last.

The journeys of Stacey, Ran and David all led them to a new beginning. Today, they are enjoying the safety and security of owning their own homes in Dover, Morristown and Madison.

At Morris Habitat for Humanity, we don’t just build homes—we build communities of belonging. We build hope. Since our founding in 1985, we’ve helped over 550 families—and while we’re proud of that accomplishment, our goal is to help an additional 240 families in the next three years.

Housing challenges, right in our own backyard.

United Way of Northern New Jersey reported these conditions in Morris County in the 2018 ALICE Report:

  • 36.7% of households are cost-burdened, spending more than 30% of their income on housing.
  • 29% of households struggle to make ends meet. That’s more than 52,500 families!
  • 8,592 renter-occupied households spend more than 50% of their income on rent.

Your gift makes a difference.

Mariell and Amy GuridyToday, more than 1,000 Morris County families are on the Morris Habitat for Humanity housing list—all with stories of hardship like the ones shared here. They need help getting on a path to self-sufficiency through home ownership.

We can’t do it without you! You can help others like Mariell and Amy afford a safe and decent place to live. As you reflect on your blessings of comfort during this season of thanks, please give generously.

It’s more than a home. Your generous gift will

  • Help families build brighter futures
  • Build a foundation to achieve strength, stability, self-reliance, and safety
  • End the cycle of poverty forever