Goods family in 2017 at Hammer for Heroes event


Leaving a violent environment

Can you imagine raising four boys in a neighborhood where gangs and gunfire are commonplace? Neither can we. Regrettably, this is the reality for far too many, including Stacey Goods and her four sons. Just this past April, there were two shootings on the very same block they call home.

And yet, when a former co-worker emailed Stacey an application for homeownership from Morris Habitat for Humanity, she was hesitant to apply. Stacey was sure the financial difficulties she had been having since she was laid off from her last job made the idea of owning a home too remote to even consider.

But her youngest son, 15-year-old KyJuan, encouraged her to attend a Morris Habitat homeowner orientation. He said, “Mom, you never know what can happen!”

A new job and a new home

KyJuan sees how hard his mother is working to regain her financial stability now that she’s found a new job. He understands just how difficult it has been for him, his mom, and his three older brothers – Marquise, Faakhir and Sean – to squeeze into a cramped two-bedroom attic apartment. They have been working hard, going to school and trying to make the best of the situation. But the truth remains that “on any given day, at any given time, you can hear gun shots as if that’s normal.”

The good news is KyJuan’s optimism has paid off. As a new Morris Habitat Homeowner in Progress, Stacey and her family will help build their own three-bedroom home on Monmouth Avenue in Dover.

But first – they need your help, and they need it fast.

Please add your support

On behalf of Stacey and her sons, Morris Habitat for Humanity is asking for your help in raising $50,000 to get this project off the ground. You can click the “Make a Donation” button to donate. You can also contribute to the Goods home by purchasing building materials through our Raise the Roof & Build It Now! online drive.

With the groundbreaking scheduled for this fall, time is limited. Please help us make Stacey and her sons’ dream of a safe and stable home a reality for their whole family. And let’s do it now!

Thank you for your support.