December 2023


Dear Friend,

As the first families moved into The Crossings at Bennett Avenue in Randolph, Morris Habitat for Humanity’s largest project to date, we witnessed something truly remarkable. Amidst diverse cultures, backgrounds, faiths, and ethnicities, 13 families comprising 38 individuals have come together to form a community. Their shared goal is simple yet profound: to provide their children, ranging from ages 3 to 22, with a sense of safety, peace, and the space to grow and thrive.

The stories of these families are both heartwarming and inspiring. Take Jean and Edwin, for example. Their community rallied around them as they moved into their new home, providing vital support after their previous landlord unexpectedly sold their apartment. For Jean, who faces a disability, the single-level home without stairs has become a sanctuary.

Melissa recounts chilling experiences from her previous neighborhood, where her family lived in fear after a murder occurred just outside their apartment complex. Now, in their new home surrounded by supportive neighbors, they feel safe—a stark contrast to the insecurity they once faced.

For some homeowners, this is the first time they have their own bedrooms. Idhannys, Maria, Alexandra, and others share stories of finally having a space they can call their own, free from the constraints of overcrowded living arrangements.

The sense of community is tangible, with neighbors looking out for each other’s children and eagerly anticipating summer barbecues and celebrations in their shared community room.

Now, consider the thousands of families in New Jersey who share similar stories of hardship and challenges, yearning for the chance to be part of a community and provide their children with opportunities to grow and thrive. Morris Habitat for Humanity is committed to addressing this need, with plans to build 65 new homes over the next three years.

Homeownership, made possible through your support, provides hope and a pathway to financial independence and stability. By partnering with families to build strong and stable homes, Morris Habitat is not just constructing houses; we are building vibrant communities.

Your support today will directly impact the lives of the next 12 families at The Crossings at Bennett Avenue and the 500 families we are committed to helping in Morris and Middlesex Counties in 2024 and beyond through our new home construction, Home Repair and Aging in Place programs. Together, we are changing lives, building homes, communities, and hope. Join us in continuing this legacy of positive change.

Make a difference today. Your contribution is not just a donation; it’s an investment in brighter futures and stronger communities.

In gratitude,

Liz DeCoursey
Chief Executive Officer