Buy a Brick, Build a Home

Morris Habitat’s Buy a Brick, Build a Home campaign allowed supporters to purchase and customize bricks to support The Crossings at Bennett Avenue project in Randolph, NJ. The project, when completed, will be home to 25 families who searched, in some cases for years, to find affordable housing and a place to call home. These customized bricks create the paths between buildings and remind new Habitat homeowners daily about the community that supported their homeownership journey.

Randolph High School and its faculty club advisors partnered with Morris Habitat in a community service project supporting The Crossings at Bennett Avenue. In the spirit of friendly competition, the school’s 20+ clubs vied to see which could sell the most bricks and in the process raised over $7500 for the project!

The Mountain Lakes High School class of 2021 also partnered with Morris Habitat for Humanity to raise over $10,000 for our 25-home Bennett Avenue project in Randolph by participating in a peer to peer fundraiser. And as a result, helped build the pathways to connect neighbors and to connect new Habitat homeowners to their community of Randolph.