Ad-vo-cacy (noun) /ăd′və-kə-sē/ : public support for a cause

In over 35 years, Habitat partners, donors and volunteers have built, rehabbed, or repaired more than 1,015 homes for nearly 5,000 people around the greater Morris & Middlesex Counties as well as in places around the world. But the crushing need for safe, adequate, and affordable shelter continues to grow.

In addition to increasing local production and global commitments, we need to “Build Louder” to challenge the systems that cause poverty housing – especially here in the United States – and create policies that promote the building and repairing of affordable housing and access to credit for low-income households.

By mobilizing Habitat supporters to take up the pen and lift their voices—as well as their hammers—we can begin to eliminate the cause of substandard housing. We advocate for a broad range of public policies and government funding and invite you to
join us.

Morris Habitat is part of a worldwide effort

As an affiliate of Habitat for Humanity International, we seek public support for improved housing policies and funding so everyone has a decent place to live. Learn more here:

What’s the Housing Need in New Jersey?

With 1 in 6 NJ residents spending more than 50% of their income on housing, it’s no surprise that our state is the 7th most expensive housing market in the U.S.  An income of $69,675 is needed to afford a two-bedroom apartment and even more – $110,222 – is needed to buy a median priced home.  Estimates of the number of affordable rental and for-sale homes vary but generally all agree we need more than 200,000 units to meet current needs.

See what Habitat for Humanity affiliates are doing to improve housing here in New Jersey
Learn more about New Jersey’s housing needs here

Advocacy activities

Habitat on the Hill – February
HCDN-NJ Legislative Day – June
• Education and information of staff, board, volunteers, supporters: monthly articles via Habitat Happenings, Social Media as well as Action Alerts to Advocacy Champions who sign up for advocacy communications.

Your Voice Matters – Ways to Take Action:

1. Subscribe to our Advocacy Communications
Knowledge is power and the first step to becoming an advocate is to stay informed. Click the button below to subscribe to our Advocacy Communications and learn about housing reform.

2. Save HUD funding.
From time to time, we’ll ask you to email, call, write, or visit your member of Congress. They need to know that Congress has an important opportunity to address the housing crisis in the U.S. and make a difference in in the lives of low-income families, seniors and those with disabilities. They can provide affordable housing and homeownership opportunities through sound policies, access to mortgage capital and other public policy initiatives.  HUD funding is currently at risk, contact your representative now.  Link to the action alert.

3.  Know your state representative. 
Here’s a link to find your district and another to find your newly-elected state legislator.

The Morris Habitat Advocacy Team

Barbara Dunn

Barbara Dunn

Director of Advocacy & Global Engagement

Sarah Escamilla

Sarah Escamilla

Advocacy & Societal Impact Coordinator