Willow Street 4, Morristown

Project Address: Willow Street, Morristown
Build #97-98: completed 2018

  • Duplex
  • New construction
  • 3 bedrooms in 1 unit & 2 bedrooms in 1 unit


Parents of 1 son and 1 daughter, both 9 years old.  Their father works full-time at a local hotel where he is a conference room attendant. He also works part-time as a custodial supervisor. Their mother is a homemaker.

A mother of 1 son age 9. She works as a quality control inspector for a manufacturing company.

A new two-family home was built on a vacant lot on Willow Street in Morristown. Architect Christon Kellogg designed the house plans for our fourth duplex to be built on this street. The ground floor unit is accessible and handicapped-adaptable.  Both homes are ENERGY STAR certified for energy efficiency. Green or reusable building materials were used whenever feasible. Since railroad tracks run directly behind the building, a sound barrier wall was built at the back of the property to reduce noise levels, and the homes have central air-conditioning so that windows don’t have to be opened in the summer.

Schindler is the Home Sponsor for 10 Willow Street, and teams of their employees frequently volunteered to work on the site. To continue their enthusiasm for the project and have a little creative fun, several company engineers designed a scale model of the Willow Street duplex and built it out of Lego bricks with the help of co-workers.

Schindler volunteers

Volunteers from Home Sponsor Schindler

Families with Lego model of duplex

Families with Lego model of 10 Willow Street