La Ceiba, Honduras 2011

Project Address: La Ceiba, Honduras
Global Village Trip: completed 2011
Honduras homeowner family 2011Type:

  • Single-family home
  • New construction
  • 2 bedrooms

Seventeen people set off for our inaugural Global Village build with our sister affiliate in La Ceiba, Honduras. The group endured sweltering hot and humid conditions, unforgiving sun, mosquitoes, and sore muscles to move more than 1,000 cinder blocks, not once but several times, and six dump truck loads of sand, gravel and red clay to build as much as we could in six days! We built five courses of foundation and about four courses of the walls. The house was almost halfway done and would be complete four to six weeks later.

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A couple with 1 child. The father works 12-hour shifts at a cardboard factory and bikes about 6 miles to and from work each day.