Inslee Street and Garretson Avenue
Inslee Street and Garretson Avenue

Project Address: 363 Inslee Street and 364 Garretson Avenue, Perth Amboy
Build plan: to be completed 2023

  • 2 single-family homes
  • New construction
  • 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms in each


Family selection will start soon. Household size must be from 3 to 6 persons. A random selection drawing will be held to select two qualified low- or moderate-income homebuyers, and preferences will be given to Perth Amboy Housing Authority residents and U.S. military veterans.  Each home will have an affordability deed restriction for a minimum of 30 years to ensure it remains affordable. Prospective homeowners will contribute a minimum of 300 hours of sweat equity.


Two new single-family homes will be built on vacant corner lots along Pine Street in Perth Amboy, one facing Inslee Street and one facing Garretson Avenue. The floor plans are the same but flipped, and the Inslee house will be painted yellow while the Garretson house will be painted green. Additional trees will be planted along Pine Street to offer more privacy.

Each home will have two stories, consisting of 3 bedrooms and 2 full bathrooms. Each will be constructed on a slab, have a grassed backyard and a patio. The homes will be handicap accessible and adaptable. Each house will have central air conditioning and will be serviced by natural gas, public water and sewer. Off-street parking is provided with a 2-car driveway for each home.

Both homes will be ENERGY STAR certified for energy efficiency, EPA WaterSense certified for water efficiency and EPA Indoor airPLUS certified for health protections. These green building standards provide long-term energy cost savings to our homeowners. New home warranties will be provided.

This project is a joint venture with Perth Amboy Redevelopment Team for Neighborhood Enterprise and Revitalization (PARTNER), which is providing the funding for the acquisition of the vacant lots.

Construction will start at the end of 2022, and the project is planned to be completed by the end of 2023.

Professional team:

Pro bono and reduced-fee professional services have been contributed by architect Seth Leeb of Seth A. Leeb Architect; engineer Fred Stewart of Stewart Surveying & Engineering, LLC; engineering consultant Eric Keller of Bowman Consulting; attorney Jim Mullen, Esq.; attorney Albert I. Telsey, Esq., of Meyner and Landis, LLP; environmental consultant Glenn P. Brukardt of Eikon Planning and Design, LLC; and real estate appraiser Kevin McLoughlin of RLA Appraisals, LLC.