42 Bennett Avenue

42 Bennett Avenue, Building 2
42 Bennett Avenue, Building 2

Project Address: 42 Bennett Avenue, Randolph
Build plan: building 1 to be completed in 2022; building 2 in 2023; buildings 3 & 4 in 2024

  • 25 units in 4 buildings
  • New construction
  • 3 bedrooms in 7 homes; 2 bedrooms in 14 homes; 1 bedroom in 4 homes


We are looking for twenty-five low- and moderate-income families to purchase these condos. Household size must be from 1 to 6 persons. If interested, you must attend one virtual Program Information Meeting.

Sign up for one webinar on September 22, 25 or 28 >>

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The homes will be sold to eligible low and moderate income applicants. Affordable 30-year mortgages will be provided by Morris Habitat. The homes will have a 30-year deed restriction that allows modest equity upon resale, but mandates that they be sold at an affordable price to other income-eligible families. Prospective homeowners will contribute a minimum of 300 hours of sweat equity.

Twenty-five new condos and a community room will be built on the former E.A. Porter industrial site on Bennett Avenue in Randolph. The 2.5-acre property was acquired by Randolph Township in 2008 through tax foreclosure and will be donated to Morris Habitat. The township will be responsible for environmental remediation, demolition of existing structures, site design, approvals and permitting.

This largest project in our thirty-five-year history is supported by home sponsors Bayer and GAF. Other sponsors include New Jersey Natural Gas.

Pro bono and reduced-fee professional services have been contributed by architect Seth Leeb Architect, AIA; attorney Sean Monaghan of Schenck, Price, Smith, & King, LLP; and environmental consultant Eikon Planning and Design, LLC.

The old warehouse was demolished in 2016. Site preparation should be completed by summer 2021 so that construction can begin.