308 Norwood Avenue

Norwood Avenue 2022 August 18
Norwood Avenue 2022 August 18

Project Address: 308 Norwood Avenue, Old Bridge (South Amboy mailing address)
Build plan: completed in 2022 – Women Build
Type: Norwood Avenue parents

  • Single-family home
  • New construction
  • 3 bedrooms; 1 bathroom


Taylor and Jimmy work in pharmaceutical logistics. They have a son and a daughter.


This property at the corner of Norwood and Woodland Avenues in the Laurence Harbor community in Old Bridge Township in Middlesex County was generously donated by Michael Landreth. The existing dilapidated bungalow was demolished.

Morris Habitat for Humanity constructed a new ranch-style 3-bedroom single-family home. This home has a full bathroom, a front porch, an accessible entrance, a 2-car driveway and a small rear yard for the family to enjoy.

Site work began in summer 2021. Women volunteered during Women Build Month in May 2022. The family moved in during November 2022.

Thanks from Taylor at the dedication – 35 seconds

Touring the new home with the family – 2 minutes 12 seconds