308 Norwood Avenue

Norwood Avenue
Norwood Avenue

Project Address: 308 Norwood Avenue, Old Bridge (South Amboy mailing address)
Build plan: to be completed 2022 – Women Build

  • Single-family home
  • New construction
  • 3 bedrooms; 1 bathroom


We are looking for one low-income family to purchase this home. Household size must be from 3 to 6 persons.

Qualified families who submitted an application by Saturday, August 28, will be assigned a lottery number and the prospective homeowner will be selected via lottery in early October.

An affordable 30-year mortgage will be held by Morris Habitat. The home will have a minimum 30-year deed restriction that allows modest equity upon resale, but mandates that it be sold at an affordable price to another income-eligible family. The prospective homeowners will contribute a minimum of 300 hours of sweat equity helping to build their home as well as other homes.


This property at the corner of Norwood and Woodland Avenues in the Laurence Harbor community in Old Bridge Township in Middlesex County was generously donated by Michael Landreth. The existing dilapidated bungalow will be demolished.

Morris Habitat for Humanity will construct a new ranch-style 3-bedroom single-family home. This home will have a full bathroom, a front porch, an accessible entrance, a 2-car driveway and a small rear yard for the family to enjoy. The new home will have a forced hot air heating system, and will be serviced by natural gas, public water, sewer and municipal trash collection.

The home will be ENERGY STAR certified for energy efficiency, EPA WaterSense certified for water efficiency and EPA Indoor airPLUS certified for health protections. These green building standards provide long-term energy cost savings to our homeowners.

Thanks to sponsor Royal Business Bank.

Site work began in summer 2021. A groundbreaking ceremony was held in October. Women will volunteer during Women Build Month in May 2022. The project is planned to be completed by fall 2022.