27 Monmouth Avenue

Monmouth Avenue 2019

Project Address: 27 Monmouth Avenue, Dover

Build #105: completed 2019 – “Women Build

  • Single-family home
  • New construction
  • 3 bedrooms

Family: Stacey Goods works as a development associate for a college. She has 4 sons, aged 15 to 25 years old.  They all currently live in a small 2-bedroom apartment in the attic of a home. Read more about this family’s story >>

A multi-family house at the end of Monmouth Avenue in Dover was significantly damaged by a fire, making it no longer habitable. After the fire, the owners of the home, T.J.F. Enterprises, LLC, reached out to Morris Habitat to offer the property as a donation.  The owners are long-time friends of Morris Habitat, since they also own Seneca Tree Service, Inc., which provides Morris Habitat with tree trimming and tree removal on its construction sites at extremely competitive prices. The property sits above the Dover train station and is a short walking distance from the train station and downtown Dover.

Monmouth Avenue 2019

Morris Habitat demolished the existing home and will construct a new 3-bedroom Cape Cod home using one of the prototype house plans designed by Architect Seth A. Leeb, AIA. Using the same square footage, a home can be built with different layouts to include 2, 3 or 4 bedrooms, depending on the number of people in the homeowner family. The new home will be handicap-accessible and ENERGY STAR certified for energy efficiency, EPA WaterSense certified for water efficiency and EPA Indoor AirPLUS certified for health protections. Green or reusable building materials will be used whenever feasible.

An affordable 30-year fixed-rate mortgage will be held by Morris Habitat. The home will have a minimum 30-year deed restriction that allows modest equity upon resale, but mandates that it be sold at an affordable price to another income-eligible family. The prospective homeowner family will contribute a minimum of 300 hours of sweat equity.

Funding includes a donation from Dover’s Affordable Housing Trust Fund and a grant from the HOME Investment Partnerships Program (HOME). The Town of Dover will receive credit towards their affordable housing obligation for this project. Other sponsors are New Jersey Natural Gas and Travelers. More contributions came from individuals who purchased nearly $10,000 worth of building materials by December 2017 through our “Raise the Roof & Build It Now!” online drive.

Pro bono professional services have been contributed by attorney James P. Mullen, Esq.; engineer and surveyor Fred Stewart, Jr., of Stewart Surveying & Engineering, LLC; professional planner Bruce Katona; real estate appraiser Property Research Associates, Inc. and environmental consultant Eikon Planning and Design, LLC.

After Morris Habitat received the donated property in December 2015, the fire-damaged house was demolished. A groundbreaking ceremony was held in July 2018, and the foundation was poured in the summer. Pre-made walls built at the June 2017 Hammer for Heroes event were raised in September. In November, work continued on sheathing, blueboard and the roof. Teams of women volunteered during National Women Build Week in March 2019. The home was dedicated in June, and the Goods family moved in during the summer of 2019.

Come Build with Us!

You can sign up ahead of time, or you can show up at the work site any day you are available. Just check the online Volunteer Calendar to confirm that the site is open, and head out with a signed Release and Waiver form. Any weather-related closures will be posted by 7:00 a.m.