17 North Parkway

17 North Parkway project
17 North Parkway project

Project Address: 17 North Parkway, Jefferson Township (Wharton mailing address)
Build plan: to be completed 2021 – Women Build

  • Single-family home
  • New construction
  • 4 bedrooms; 2 bathrooms


Scott and Marly Davis and their six children have been living in a cramped, two-bedroom apartment for about 15 years. The two girls and four boys, ranging in age from six to 18, have all been sharing the same bedroom. Scott works with at-risk youth for a nonprofit organization while Marly stays home to raise and homeschool the children.

An affordable 30-year mortgage will be held by Morris Habitat. The home will have a minimum 30-year deed restriction that allows modest equity upon resale, but mandates that it be sold at an affordable price to another income-eligible family. The prospective homeowners will contribute 500 hours of sweat equity.


Davis family at Lake ShawneeThis vacant lot in the Lake Shawnee section of Jefferson Township is conveniently located minutes off Routes 80 and 15. The property sits in a lovely residential neighborhood in this lake community. The new homeowners will automatically be members of the Lake Shawnee Club that promotes recreation, enjoyment, good fellowship and community betterment. As club members, the homeowners will enjoy access to the lake and clubhouse for an annual dues payment.

Morris Habitat for Humanity will construct a new colonial-style 4-bedroom single-family home using our prototype building plans. Using the same square footage, a home can be built with different layouts to include 2, 3 or 4 bedrooms, depending on the number of people in the homeowner family. The house will have a private driveway and a full basement. The new home will be handicap-accessible and will be serviced by public water and a new septic system. The home will be ENERGY STAR certified for energy efficiency, EPA WaterSense certified for water efficiency and EPA Indoor AirPLUS certified for health protections.

The property was generously donated in 2016 by the Estate of Helen Garvey.

Jefferson Township is contributing $50,000 from their affordable housing trust fund toward the construction of the new home. The completed home will help offset the municipality’s affordable housing obligation. Lowe’s and Wells Fargo are also sponsors.

Pro bono and reduced-fee professional services have been contributed by attorney James P. Mullen, Esq.; engineer and surveyor Fred Stewart, Jr., of Stewart Surveying & Engineering, LLC; architect Seth Leeb, AIA; professional planner Bruce Katona; real estate appraiser Property Research Associates, Inc. and environmental consultant Eikon Planning and Design, LLC.

A groundbreaking ceremony was held at the end of October 2020. A huge hole in the ground had already been dug, ready for the foundation and basement to be installed in November. The home was framed and roofed over the winter. During Women Build Month in May 2021, many volunteers worked on this project and raised $1000 to purchase shrubs and trees for landscaping.

The dedication ceremony for this home was held at the end of August 2021. Over 7,000 hours of labor donated by 875 volunteers enabled this home to be finished in a record ten months. Many civic, church, corporate and school groups also came to volunteer. The project is planned to be completed before the end of 2021.

Come Build with Us!

You can sign up ahead of time, or you can show up at the work site any day you are available. Just check the online Volunteer Calendar to confirm that the site is open, and head out with a signed Release and Waiver form. Any weather-related closures will be posted by 7:00 a.m.

Groundbreaking Ceremony October 2020

Parkway groundbreaking

CEO Blair Schleicher Wilson; Jefferson Township Mayor Eric Wilsusen; Robert Garvey, son of donor; six Davis children & their parents

Davis family interview on March 31, 2021, discussing their current housing and their experiences building their home.

Video plays for 4 minutes 28 seconds.

Marly Davis interview during Women Build on May 5, 2021, covered by WMBC-TV News.

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