HopeBuilders A world where everyone
has a decent place to live
The ReStore is where gently used items are donated
and resold to help raise money to build homes.
Check us out!
When you volunteer at Morris Habitat for Humanity,
you change lives. The funny thing is the life you
change may be your own.


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@FrankPallone People w/ the lowest income deserve the opportunity to climb the income ladder and achieve financial stability. $$ for rental assistance, public housing, & the Housing Trust Fund will reduce poverty and keep low-income renters #HoUSed. https://t.co/EMHp5VRWmq
@RepSherrill Use this once-in-a-generation opportunity to prioritize investing the highest level of funding in decent, accessible, affordable housing for those experiencing homelessness & people w/ the lowest incomes. #Housing4UsAll https://t.co/EMHp5VRWmq
@lordabbett Thank you for helping families with a hand up!