27 – 45 Harding Avenue

Harding Avenue project
Harding Avenue project

Project Address: 27 – 45 Harding Avenue, Dover
Build plan: to be completed 2017 – “Veterans Build” & “Women Build” & ReStore 10th Anniversary Family and House

  • 4 single-family homes
  • New construction
  • 4 bedrooms in 1 home; 3 bedrooms in 2 homes; 2 bedrooms in 1 home


Ed and Maria Sartorius have a 12-year-old daughter. Maria works as a custodian, and Ed is a mechanic. He is a veteran of the U.S. Army and is still active in the reserves with the rank of sergeant. Read more about this family’s story >>

Nathalie Figueroa is also a veteran and active in the Army reserves as a military police officer. She has a 1-year-old son and works as a receptionist in a pediatrician’s office. Her grandmother will live with her to care for her son while she works or is deployed with the Army.

Julio and Nelly Carmona have a daughter (age 16) and two sons (ages 9 and 12). Julio works as a supervisor in a factory, and Nelly holds several part-time jobs as an office assistant, a church secretary and a school lunchtime aide.

Dahiana Marte has three young sons (ages 2, 6 and 11). She works full-time as a payroll clerk and has a part-time job with a local YMCA.

Four new single-family homes will be built on vacant lots on Harding Avenue in Dover. Architect Seth A. Leeb, AIA, has designed several prototype house plans for this project. Using the same square footage, each home can be built with a different layout to include 2, 3 or 4 bedrooms, depending on the number of people in the homeowner family. The houses will be accessible, handicapped-adaptable and ENERGY STAR certified for energy efficiency. Green or reusable building materials will be used whenever feasible. Geoscape Solar will install solar panels and micro-inverters on the homes to supply all electrical power. The stoves, clothes dryers, and water heaters will be powered by natural gas.

Home price will be based on low or moderate household income level and number of bedrooms and will not exceed $170,000. Zero-interest 30-year fixed mortgages will be held by Morris Habitat. The homes will have a 50-year deed restriction that allows modest equity upon resale, but mandates that they be sold at an affordable price to other income-eligible families. Prospective homeowner families, selected in April 2015, will each contribute a minimum of 300 hours of sweat equity.

The estimated cost of the project is approximately $700,000. Funding includes governmental grants from the HOME Investment Partnerships Program (HOME) and the Self-help Homeownership Opportunity Program (SHOP) and sponsorships from Johnson & Johnson, New Jersey Natural GasHome DepotTravelers, Wells Fargo Housing FoundationPrudential, Bank of America, M&T BankInvestors Bank and Investors Foundation. Many individuals supported this project by purchasing building materials through two Raise the Roof online drives. Our first campaign in fall 2014 raised over $16,000, and we raised nearly $10,000 more by March 2016.

Harding veteran homeowners Edward and NathalieWalls for the two veterans’ homes were built at the Hammer for Heroes event in June 2015. Members of the Patriots’ Path Council, Boy Scouts of America, had planned to build framing for one house during their Liberty Jamboree at Liberty State Park in Jersey City in October, but the event was cancelled because of high winds and heavy rain from Hurricane Joaquin. Teams of women volunteered during National Women Build Week in May 2016. More walls were framed at the second Hammer for Heroes event in June 2016. Women volunteered for additional Women Build days in July, August, October and December 2016. More volunteers were scheduled during National Women Build Week in May 2017 and on additional Women Build days in July, August, October and December 2017.

Site work began in August 2015, and a groundbreaking ceremony was held in September. By spring 2016, the foundations were excavated and concrete was poured into forms. Walls were framed and raised in summer 2016.  Windows and doors were installed in fall 2016. Winter work included siding and insulation. In spring 2017, sheetrock, tile, fixtures and cabinets were installed. Storage sheds were built for the three smaller homes that do not have garages. Landscaping started in June. All four families should be able to move in by fall 2017. Join us at a dedication ceremony on Friday, July 28, 2017. Details and RSVP by July 25 >>

Nelly & Julio Carmona

ReStore 10th Anniversary
Family and House 

ReStore shoppers will raise $150,000 by June 30, 2017, to build a 4-bedroom home for Nelly and Julio Carmona and their three children at 45 Harding Avenue. Individual donations will be combined with monthly ReStore proceeds to reach the goal.

The ReStore, founded in 2007, is The Store That Builds Homes!

45 Harding Avenue, Dover

Come Build with Us!

You can sign up ahead of time, or you can show up at the work site any day you are available. Just check the online Volunteer Calendar to confirm that the site is open, and head out with a signed Release and Waiver form. Any weather-related closures will be posted by 7:00 a.m.

Veteran Home Build | eLEND Gives Back – YouTube video published on Mar 25, 2016

In conjunction with Morris Habitat for Humanity’s Hammer for Heroes campaign, AFR/eLEND Gives Back participated in a build day at the Harding Avenue project. The site will be the future home of one of the two veterans AFR and eLEND employees supported during the Hammer for Heroes event in June 2015.